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Fishing activity

Cultural Identity
Fishing activity
The diversity of landscape settings in which fishing occurs influences the kind of fishing activity that takes place. From fishing by boat to wide open mudflats that allow shellfish gathering on foot or cultivation using tractors. In Oostduinkirke in Belgium, the shallow sandy waters mean that horseback shrimp fishing is possible, although today it is not done commercially but is part of the area’s cultural heritage.
Of course, activities associated with fishing are not limited to catching or gathering fish and shellfish, but include processing, selling and the maintenance of boats and gear. The activity of modern-day fishing provides an authenticity, linking contemporary activity to a rich cultural legacy rooted in fishing.
You don’t want places to feel like a museum
Tourism provider, Mevagissey
Somewhere like this is iconic because of the fishing and because of the boats
Heritage provider, Polperro
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